Welcome to VideoSSC Online!

We use television broadcasting techniques to deliver live broadcasts over the Internet

-Our Three Step Process to Success-

There are three main components associated with live video streaming over the Internet. Each one of these three services requires trained experienced professionals to produce the highest quality video product for your event. From capturing to encoding to producing and broadcasting, VideoSSC uses highly skilled and experienced video, streaming and Internet experts.


Well in advance of your live event, our technicians meet with your staff to review all of the issues related to site planning. Lighting, power, numbers of cameras, camera positions, audio sources and a host of other items are reviewed with you. Please click THIS LINK for a copy of our extensive pre-production planning checklist.


On the day of your event or the evening before, we arrive at your event venue and review with you the pre-prodution plan. Then we set up for the shoot and test everything from end to end. From the time that we start recording and streaming our focus is entirely on video and audio quality. We only get one shot at a live event and it is our job to make the most of it.


Now that your event is over it is time to consider your archiving and on-demand hosting and distribution options. We can produce very high quality DVD’s with titles or we can index, chapter and transcribe the event or put a chaptered set of links up that allow viewers to quickly skip to sections of the video that interest them.