This page contains content specific to working with government, including items such as a copy of our CMAS schedule for streaming video and audio, as well as government information and event registration. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you cannot easily find the info you need

CA Government CMAS Schedule and SB cert.

SB-Cert-April 2020 (PDF)

Our SB number is 44144

CMAS: Our CMAS number is 4-19-03-0778A (PDF)

CMAS effective dates: May 2019 through December 2023

Payee Data Record

Standard Form 204

Certified Small Business

Video Streaming Services, LLC was initially certified and approved by the State of California’s Office of Small and Minority Business as a small business on March 07, 2007.
Our Certification number is 44144. We have been certified as a small business in California since June 2010 and is maintained as current at all times.

CA Governor’s Executive Order Regarding Video Streaming in Government

Executive Order 4585 November 2006

CA Legislation in support of Video Streaming

Senate Bill 796