The importance of live video switching

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All the high tech video equipment, audio gear and so forth does not guarantee a watchable and entertaining on line live video stream unless you spend the time to understand the order of a live event and incorporate as much of what is going on as is possible. This is done by actively paying attention to what is going on in a room and switching to the action. That is the art in what we do as Internet video broadcasters. One of our new clients a few years ago asked us to, “Don’t leave it on the Power Point slide for 20 minutes like the last broadcaster did”. We go the message, but then we already use many of the same techniques that television broadcasters use on live events. Our crews live by the rule “make it interesting” and we might add….”no matter what” so in virtually all of our broadcasts, even when the content is really dry, we are constantly switching between on screen media such as powerpoint as well as wide shots and other shots from other positions during an event. It is really quite easy if you pay attention to what is going on. In particular if someone is lecturing to a particular slide, switch from the slide, then to the presenter and back again as the presenter makes specific points on the slide, then switch to audience or subject matter experts. Cadence is an important concept in live events. If you are the person running the switcher then it is your job to integrate the cadence or tempo of the event into your switching plan. You can make a dry presentation or event come to life by engaging the on line audience using switching techniques to the point where the event is more entertaining informative and fun to watch on line than actually being at the event.


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George Hall Founder/President of VideoSSC. He has over 30 years’ experience as a high technology engineering executive. With significant experience in high performance computing, Military electronics, IP networks and Video Broadcasting. Board member Public Television. An author and frequent guest on technology programs and panels. He holds a BA in mathematics from Hillsdale College.

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