Video SSC News – December 2013

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Captioning live meetings seems to be the most sought after skill that our customers have asked for this past month. Some meetings are broadcast in English and some are broadcast in Spanish with English captions. We use some unique tools and tricks to allow our customers to specify font style size and color as well as the background behind the captions. It all works very smoothly with our crews at the controls, but the technical underpinnings of getting it done when the captioners are hundreds of miles away from the broadcast are quite something. We have some great plans for 2014 including rebuilding our website to accomodate expert news, reviews and information on the rapid advances in live broadcasting technology. It will be an information resource for those already in the business of live broadcasting as well as those who are trying to decide how to best deliver live streaming video over the Internet. Finally, we here at VideoSSC hope that you all have a Merry Christmas. We will see you next year.


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