Video SSC News – November 2013

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We did a little math this month and discovered that we have produced and live streamed more government meetings for the State of California than any other contractor. Over the past two years alone that encompasses more than 300 days of broadcasts and this year isn’t over yet. We also provide indexed archives of all of these meetings to allow our customers quick access to video segments by agenda line item. That’s quite an achievement and a very large video archive and we are very proud of it. This past month we installed more new video servers and accelerated development of a new video indexing system that will allow our web users to to do key word searches of all of our video archive content in seconds and then email the link(s) of the resulting video clips to constituents. This is leading edge technology and we are the first company to develop this capability for web based users. Enjoy the cool fall days and have a great November.


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