Video SSC News – October 2013

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We’ve been so busy this past month that we almost forgot to update our news Flash. Well here it goes…Lacrosse, Radio, Voice over, Theaters, live sports broadcasting, remote HD Internet broadcasting, and on and on. One of the most exciting and technically difficult events that we broadcast was a professional lacrosse match in the middle of soccer fields in a rural part of Sacramento county. A video crew of nine, the 40′ broadcast production truck, scaffolding for two cameras and operators, four cameras in total, Instant replay, CG, scoreboard, on camera play-by-play action commentary, and the logistics of providing 40 amps of power and a high-speed Internet connection from the venue, which had no power and no Internet connection. Anyway we are very proud of our folks who pulled it off flawlessly. The client has retained us to consult on their other live Internet broadcasts across the country. If you want more details or see a replay of the entire match you can find them on our facebook page at . ESPN eat your heart out.


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