Video SSC News – September 2013

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“The days are just filled” is a comment that the creator of the comic strip Calvin and Hobbs used to offer frequently during the warm summer months. We are feeling that way ourselves. During August we were very busy. In addition to buying and outfitting another crew van for our growing on-location film and broadcast work load, we started or completed six video projects spanning the range from PSA development to Voice over work and training videos. We are also involved in creative and script development for a number of other projects that will come on line this fall. We continue to deliver live webcasting and indexed video archive services including real time captioning and multi-language support on a regular basis for a growing number of clients. One of our in-house projects, PeopleInMusic has exploded over the past month with the number of viewers growing rapidly. The enthusiastic response and sharing around the globe of PeopleInMusic will be rewarded with a regular slate of new videos about the people behind the music. Check it out when you have a moment. Have a great September.


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