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As the leading live Internet broadcaster in the region, VideoSSC is often asked to broadcast live events from venues where there is no available Internet connection. Friday night football is no exception. For years we had been rolling our production truck to high school venues every Friday afternoon during football season to setup and record live, play-by-play action between some of the most competitive high school football teams in the region.

The problem was that all we could do was record the games for later playback because not one school was able to provide our production truck with a live Internet connection suitable for broadcasting over the Internet. Three years ago we began to investigate this issue and look for solutions on behalf of one of our clients, a local television station. There were many vendors offering some sort of cellular Internet connectivity, but very few had enough capacity to send a high definition signal. After a lengthy technical review we purchased a LiveU Model 70 backpack broadcaster. The backpack talks via six cellular radios to a server that VideoSSC built and installed at the television station. The signal is reassembled into a single HD video and audio signal and is then broadcast live out over the cable television networks and over the Internet at the same time.

We are using the backpack broadcaster now to broadcast live over the Internet from venues that previously could not support any kind of live broadcast such as wildlife presentations made from the middle of the Northern California Delta.


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George Hall Founder/President of VideoSSC. He has over 30 years’ experience as a high technology engineering executive. With significant experience in high performance computing, Military electronics, IP networks and Video Broadcasting. Board member Public Television. An author and frequent guest on technology programs and panels. He holds a BA in mathematics from Hillsdale College.

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