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The California Department of Education (CDE) is intimately involved in the development of educational resources in the State of California, but is also a leader in the United States in various emerging educational initiatives.

As part of this outreach to educators across the U.S., CDE asked VideoSSC to facilitate a number of broadcasts in several languages. In addition, VideoSSC was asked to provide live captioning inserted into the video during the live events. Many of these live events would go on for an entire day. In order to accomplish this VideoSSC used a number of techniques and technologies to capture and inject captions into each broadcast.

Our captioners did not need to be in the room during these events. Instead we would send real-time audio out over the Internet to our captioners. The captioners using standard stenography machines would type the live text into a web based utility that VideoSSC has set up and the live event coordinator at the venue would insert the captions from this web portal into the lower thirds of the live video.

One distinct advantage of live captioning an Internet video event is that transcripts are immediately available to our clients and the cost for a separate recording or transcript is eliminated.


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George Hall Founder/President of VideoSSC. He has over 30 years’ experience as a high technology engineering executive. With significant experience in high performance computing, Military electronics, IP networks and Video Broadcasting. Board member Public Television. An author and frequent guest on technology programs and panels. He holds a BA in mathematics from Hillsdale College.

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