Video SSC News – August 2013

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Some of the stuff we have been doing this past month is fascinating. We did some technically challenging chromakey work for the California Department of Transportation for a public safety PSA to be televised shortly. We will post the clip following its initial air date. We have also been using our creative skills on projects for a variety of commercial and government customers. This month we will begin to integrate for a local television station a new capability to search entire video archives using key words captured directly from the video itself. Finally we have begun adding folks to our talented staff including such esoteric skills as makeup, cameraman, lighting folks an others. We are continuing our discussions about expansion of the sound stage. Finally, we have a new project which we are involved in called PeopleInMusic . It is not a video collection of local bands. It is about the people behind the scenes working with famous bands and musicians. Please take a moment to visit our Facebook Page and “Like us. We update it frequently with new video content.


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